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Have you ever worked with Ansar Group of companies?
Do you have any relative working with Ansar Group of companies?
Have you ever been canceled or terminated by Ansar Group of companies?
Have you ever been charged or accused of crime in any GCC country?
Do you consume alcohol?
Do you smoke?
Do you have any visible tattoo?
Do you have problem in traveling on frequent basis with respect to work?
Do you have any long prevailing disease?
Have you ever been refused visa for any GCC country

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Note The information provided is subject to verification. Any falsification or misrepresentation may disqualify you from the employment if hired then falsification or misrepresentation may lead to termination with immediate effect.
Disclaimer With my submission, I certify that all the information and the details provided here are correct and confirmed by me Any falsification will lead to disqualification, if hired then termination with immediate effect.